Mike McCabe for Governor Press Releases

Mike McCabe Thanks Supporters and Encourages Continued Engagement

August 15, 2018 – Mike McCabe and his People Powered campaign fell short of their goal during Tuesday's election, but they remained upbeat and extremely proud of their accomplishments. Since the kick off in September 2017, the campaign has worked to inspire and engage people around the state who felt ignored and forgotten. The fruits of those efforts were seen in the level of dedication and determination shown by grassroots supporters at events, forums and while canvassing.

McCabe Campaign will hold Election Night Watch Party in Columbus

August 14, 2018 – Mike McCabe and his partner Marilyn would be honored if you could join them to watch election night results at the Pavilion in Columbus, Wisconsin. Mike selected this location because of the building's beauty and as a reminder that this election has focused on ALL of Wisconsin and not just urban centers. Press is cordially invited.

McCabe is Endorsed by Tim Canova

AUGUST 8, 2018 – Mike McCabe is honored to announce an endorsement by Tim Canova, currently running for Congress in Florida as a Progressive challenger.

McCabe's Campaign starts ads on Hulu

JULY 31, 2018 - Mike McCabe’s grassroots campaign for governor will begin running ads on Hulu starting Wednesday, August 1, 2018. The ad, which is 1 min and will play until the August 14th primary, stresses the need to break away from the current theories of what makes a candidate viable and instead dare to dream of a better politics and a cleaner government.

McCabe wins overwhelmingly among Bernie Sanders supporters

JULY 29, 2018 – In a poll of preferences for the election for governor, Mike McCabe was the clear favorite of members of Our Wisconsin Revolution, the state chapter of the national organization formed to build on the energy from Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. According to an email released Monday, McCabe won more than 57% of the vote, with Kelda Roys coming in a distant second with less than 15%. Mahlon Mitchell and Kathleen Vinehout tied for third with just under 11%. Support for other contenders for the Democratic nomination to be decided in the August 14 primary election was in low single digits, with Tony Evers getting 4% of OWR members' votes and Paul Soglin receiving 2%.

McCabe Campaign is Growing a People Powered Movement

JULY 23, 2018 – McCabe’s People Powered campaign has surpassed most pundits’ expectations. With over 90,000 miles, more than 400 events, and 2,800+ volunteers working for the campaign, it’s safe to say this is more than just a campaign to elect your average politician—it’s a movement that is building a home for the politically homeless in Wisconsin.

Small money fundraising, statewide volunteer network fuel movement against the machine

JULY 16, 2018 - Mike McCabe’s grassroots campaign for governor raised nearly $261,000 through the end of June from thousands of small contributions to supplement the efforts of more than 2,500 volunteers throughout the state and McCabe’s own barnstorming across Wisconsin.

Statewide Candidates Tour Black River Falls Area

JULY 5, 2018 - Mike McCabe, candidate for Governor, and Kurt Kober, candidate for Lt. Governor, will attend a public “meet and greet” following a private tour of area sand mines, and a private meeting with families whose lives have been affected by sand mines in their backyards on Thursday, July 5, 2018.

3 times around the world . . . without leaving Wisconsin

JULY 3, 2018 - By mid-June, Mike McCabe’s Principle Over Party campaign for governor had traveled more than 85,000 miles connecting with voters in every part of the state since last September when McCabe made his candidacy official. That’s the equivalent of three trips around the world and then some.

McCabe understands the sting of disappointment, but won't stop fighting

JUNE 18, 2018 -Today's Supreme Court decision in Gill v. Whitford was not what most of us had hoped. Time and effort to come up with a mathematical measurement by which to prove injustice was what many believed would be the proof of the pudding, so to say. Sadly, the court felt the argument fell short.

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Mike McCabe is the People's Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin