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McCabe: Take state government to the people

June 12, 2018 - Wisconsin governor candidate Mike McCabe said today that, once elected, he will periodically take the governor’s office on the road, bringing cabinet secretaries and other agency officials with him to give people in urban and rural areas of the state alike greater access and more of a voice in state government.

Healthy economy and environment go hand in hand in McCabe ‘protect and prosper’ agenda

May 29, 2018 - Governor candidate Mike McCabe is calling for Wisconsin to take six transformative steps to protect public health and the state’s natural resources while stimulating the economy and providing new employment for tens of thousands of workers.

Remove state barriers to local democracy to empower communities, McCabe proposes

May 15, 2018 - Wisconsin is at its best when neighbors and communities are free to shape their future together and empowered to look out for each other, which is why candidate for governor Mike McCabe is calling for the repeal of more than 130 state laws made in the last seven years taking away decision-making authority from local communities in Wisconsin.

McCabe calls for ‘fix ‘em first’ and ‘pay as we pave’ policies on roads

May 1, 2018 - Wisconsin’s roads and bridges are deteriorating badly and the state needs a whole new approach to strengthening its transportation infrastructure that prioritizes fixing existing roads before expanding or building new ones and paying as we pave to end excessive borrowing, governor candidate Mike McCabe said today as he called for bringing back automatic adjustments in the gas tax for inflation to keep revenue in line with road expenses.

High-speed Internet everywhere in Wisconsin in 5 years under McCabe plan

APRIL 17, 2018 - With Wisconsin ranked 49th in the country in Internet speed, Wisconsin governor candidate Mike McCabe today put forward a transformative plan to bring high-speed Internet to every part of the state within five years, funded by savings gleaned from ending two unsuccessful state subsidy programs he has targeted for elimination.

Transforming state taxes a key to empowering people, strengthening communities and keeping a middle class

APRIL 3, 2018 - Wisconsin governor candidate Mike McCabe today proposed transformative tax changes to turn Wisconsin’s tax system from one that allows the wealthiest in the state to pay the lowest overall tax rate into one where everyone pays their fair share.

McCabe plan funds health, education investments with proceeds from legal sales of marijuana

McCabe calls for ending 2 state subsidies benefiting select few to invest in community prosperity

Wisconsin governor candidate Mike McCabe today suggested a rule of thumb for evaluating government spending priorities that should be applied when the next state budget is put together to free up funding for needed investments to empower working people in Wisconsin.

McCabe proposes test run for Basic Income program

FEBRUARY 20, 2018 - Wisconsin governor candidate Mike McCabe said today once elected he would move to start a small-scale pilot program to test whether establishing a Basic Income for vulnerable workers could help ensure that everyone shares in Wisconsin’s future economic growth, making Wisconsin a state-level testing ground for moving nationally toward expansion of Social Security eligibility to all age groups.

McCabe charts 5-year path to living wage for all workers

FEBRUARY 6, 2018 - Wisconsin governor candidate Mike McCabe today put forward a plan for yearly increases in the state’s minimum wage that take into account differences in the cost of living across the state, with the earnings floor reaching $15 an hour once fully phased in after five years.

McCabe Advances Clean Government Blueprint

JANUARY 18, 2018 - Wisconsin governor candidate Mike McCabe today put forward a comprehensive plan for freeing state government from the clutches of cronyism, corruption and what amounts to legal bribery of state officials.

Change one word in state law and make BadgerCare an option for all Badgers, McCabe proposes

OCTOBER 28, 2017 – Speaking at the March for Health in La Crosse’s Cameron Park, governor candidate Mike McCabe called for a one-word change in state law to make Wisconsin’s whole population eligible to get health insurance through the BadgerCare program.

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