#PeoplePowered Agreement

This #PeoplePowered "Agreement" between Commoners for Mike McCabe ("Campaign") and you, a Campaign volunteer.

To use the NationBuilder application and Campaign website, and data contained therein (collectively, Application), you must agree to the terms of this Agreement.

You may use the Application only for the benefit of the Campaign and those candidates endorsed as “Run on Mike” candidates. More specifically, you must:

  • only add/edit data you believe to be accurate and obtained from reliable sources;
  • only delete data when you are certain such data is not accurate or reliable;
  • protect the privacy of data by not publishing it or placing it in a publicly accessible location, including cloud-based file storage, importing data into any third party application, and/or any other limitations issued by the Campaign;
  • not share your login information with others without prior written Campaign consent;
  • notify the Campaign of any known or suspected breach of this Agreement or use of the Application by any person contrary to the terms hereof, with the Campaign reserving the right to pursue legal action for any breach or threatened breach hereof; and
  • comply with all applicable laws and regulations and all terms hereof.

You indicate acceptance of this Agreement by your access to and use of the Application. The Campaign may terminate this Agreement upon notice to you, whereupon you must delete or destroy all data associated with the Application and certify to the Campaign this has been done.

I agree to the terms of this agreement

Mike McCabe is the People's Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin