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Democrat Mike McCabe Runs 'People Powered' Campaign In Bid For Governor's Office

Three people stand on a busy street corner in Madison holding homemade posters. They wave and smile at the occasional car that honks as it drives by.

Letter To The People - June 2018

The last time the stakes were this high most of us in Wisconsin were sleeping. The 2010 election wave that swept in Tea Partiers across the nation hit hard here at home.

Mike McCabe brings hope to Wisconsinites

Kudos to John Nichols for bringing Mike McCabe to the forefront. I hear over and over people saying there is no difference among the Democratic candidates for governor. Absolutely untrue.

McCabe touts progressive vision for state

Guv candidate Mike McCabe dared Dems to dream of a new type of politics that works for Wisconsinites instead of a wealthy few.

He said Wisconsin no longer maintains its status as a state of firsts, a state where ideas like social security and kindergarten got their start.

Mike McCabe would take consumers' side on energy

With American Transmission Company, there are winners and losers. The winners are the company stockholders, the losers the rest of us.

Mike McCabe, WI Gubernatorial Candidate

Mike McCabe joins the Devils LIVE from the DPW Convention in Oshkosh.

Mike McCabe's right: Wisconsin must renew local democracy

Mike McCabe does not go in for lockstep party loyalty. He’s campaigning for the Democratic nomination for governor as a critic of the failings of both major parties.

McCabe is best for regular people

It seems the media, some voters and even a few Democrats just don’t get gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe.

McCabe strongly identifies with Democratic causes, but more than that, he’s a progressive with a populist streak.

McCabe's debt-free college plan makes sense

In the gubernatorial election many candidates are proposing different ideas for higher education — from restoring college funds to refinancing loans or providing two years of tuition-free college.

Bernie on Mike

We the People of the state of Wisconsin, petition Bernie Sanders to endorse Mike McCabe in his campaign for governor.

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Days Until Primary

Mike McCabe is the People's Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin