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Wisconsin needs Mike McCabe

Mike McCabe is running to be Wisconsin’s next governor. He’s a Wisconsin native who loves our state deeply and cares passionately about its people.

McCabe puts principle above party -- vote for him

Too often our choices of candidates are people who provide lip service for reform, but do not work for it. Mike McCabe has spend a career fighting to reform our political system that weakens our democracy with big money influence and gerrymandering.

Learn about Mike McCabe and vote Aug. 14

Dear Editor: I urge Wisconsin voters on Aug. 14 to resist apathy and, rather, make the most of this moment in Wisconsin history to join the growing grassroots movement of citizens who affirm that democracy in Wisconsin is not dead, but in process of rebirth with the people-powered campaign of Mike McCabe for governor.

McCabe is living his message

The August 8 article: “Roy leads Democratic candidates in July fundraising…Walker remains far ahead of challengers” is politics as usual.

It’s much easier to report on campaign funding than on message, methods, ..or effectiveness.

Mike McCabe will transform government

As many candidates make their cases on issues, there is one that underlies all the others. One that makes all others more difficult to accomplish.

Mike McCabe is a lot like Jimmy Stewart in 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington'

I’m writing in support of Mike McCabe. We’ve been friends for over 30 years. Mike is exactly what he appears to be — a down-to-earth concerned citizen who understands that government works best when it works for the people.

Mike McCabe can bring dream of clean government to reality

Mike McCabe has my enthusiastic support for governor. A lifetime reformer, he long headed the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, advocating for campaign finance reform.

Vote Aug. 14 for Mike McCabe

Dear Editor: Your vote on Tuesday, Aug. 14, will decide who challenges Walker to be governor of Wisconsin.

Mike McCabe is best equipped to reverse our dangerous path

Dear Editor: The Cap Times has done a good job in keeping a focus on the importance of our vote, and the need to think seriously about how each candidate brings different ideas, experience and priorities to our attention.

Bernie on Mike

We the People of the state of Wisconsin, petition Bernie Sanders to endorse Mike McCabe in his campaign for governor.

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Days Until Primary

Mike McCabe is the People's Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin