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Episode 58: Mike McCabe take 2 and a Special Kohn’s Zone

He’s Back!  Democratic Candidate for Governor Mike McCabe stops by to talk education.  Rural School funding?  Testing and Teaching?  Teacher Demoralization.  Vouchers and Choice?  Act 10?  Better listen.

McCabe's ideas more important than his campaign funds

A Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report in the March 11 Press-Gazette, "No clear leader in Dem field for governor,” indicated that although candidate Mike McCabe had a 9 percent favorable impression with voters, “no candidate had less money” except Sen. Kathleen Vinehout. The implication is a candidate can’t win an election unless he or she has a lot of money invested.

High-speed Internet everywhere in Wisconsin in 5 years under McCabe plan

With Wisconsin ranked 49th in the country in Internet speed, Wisconsin governor candidate Mike McCabe today put forward a transformative plan to bring high-speed Internet to every part of the state within five years, funded by savings gleaned from ending two unsuccessful state subsidy programs he has targeted for elimination.

Mike McCabe will run people-powered campaign

Following the April 3 election, some voters are predicting a “blue wave” in November and calling for “anyone but Walker” for governor.

There’s a problem with this thinking.

Put principle over party and support Mike McCabe for governor

Dear Editor: Political commentators are saying the April 3 election was a bad omen for Gov. Walker and the GOP. Some voters are calling for “anyone but Walker” for governor in November.

Wisconsin could raise funds by taxing pot

Wisconsin governor candidate Mike McCabe says we should legalize marijuana and tax the sales from licensed dispensaries. This would raise about $200 million a year for Wisconsin rather than for black market profiteers.

Interview with Mike McCabe

Special episode! Adam and Stephen grab a beer with gubernatorial candidate MIKE MCCABE! Adam, Stephen and Mike talk about money in politics, farm life, marijuana legalization, health care, universal income, and lots more.

Mike McCabe will upend the status quo

Have you ever owned a car and identified with it as though it embodied the values you hold most dear? And have you ever felt a sense of connection with other people who drive the same car as you, even if you have never met them?

That is how I feel about Mike McCabe’s candidacy for governor.

Mike McCabe will put people before power

Gov. Scott Walker has many problems, but money is not one of them. The governor has reliable sources of funding and has been a willing tool of big money angling to garner political favors.

Bernie on Mike

We the People of the state of Wisconsin, petition Bernie Sanders to endorse Mike McCabe in his campaign for governor.

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Days Until Primary

Mike McCabe is the People's Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin