McCabe MIKED Up - High-speed Internet "Everywhere"

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  • Ralph Knudson
    commented 2018-04-17 08:49:22 -0500
    This issue is a key part of the even larger value of investing and supporting our rural communities and economies. Healthy, interesting and vibrant rural communities also grow happy, creative and vibrant people who want to stay and contribute to their communities. In the future, rural living doesn’t have to mean only agricultural soil or animal farming or extraction industry, but could also include a wide variety of innovative intellectually-based small businesses which attract workers looking for lives apart from metropolitan hassles. Cities would also benefit by having more stable growth and fewer rural refugees there by default rather than choice. Toxic rural resentment, cynicism and distrust of government would fade, and participatory democracy could thrive around the state once again. It can happen. What’s been missing is the vision and political will by a state government; by and for its people. Leadership fills that gap. That’s why I support Mike’s vision and leadership.

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