McCabe is Endorsed by Tim Canova

This progressive congressional challenger calls for supporting the people's candidate... Mike McCabe for Governor.

AUGUST 8, 2018 – Mike McCabe is honored to announce an endorsement by Tim Canova, currently running for Congress in Florida as a Progressive challenger.

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to support Mike McCabe in the August 14th Democratic primary for Governor of Wisconsin.

Mike is fighting against the establishment candidate, a corporate-funded centrist who refuses to take part in most of the debates because whenever he does, he loses support.

Mike understands that the system is rigged. That’s why he’s only accepting donations of $1000 per person when a candidate for governor can legally accept $20,000.  He’s running a principled campaign that leads by example. According to Mike, "The political system is failing us and needs to be shaken up and transformed so our government works for all of us and not just a privileged few."

Mike has spent most of his life fighting against the influence of big money in our political system. He co-founded the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign in 1995 to provide citizens with one place where they can see campaign finance reports and view the connections between donations and legislative outcomes. This allows voters the opportunity to hold their elected representatives accountable when they sell out to corporate interests.

Mike was a chief architect of a landmark 2007 ethics law that was the first of its kind in the nation and established a Government Accountability Board to provide independent, nonpartisan oversight of elections and ethics. Last November, the Wisconsin State Journal included it among 73 laws considered to be the most impactful legislation of the last 100 years in Wisconsin, a state with a long and great history of progressive reform. That is, until recent years as the Republican Governor Scott Walker has led a relentless attack on public and private sector unions and working families. We need to get Scott Walker out of office, and Mike McCabe is the progressive populist voice who can do it.

Mike’s life’s work has been putting principle over party to get our government working for all of us and not just a privileged few. He’s running for governor in the same way for the same reasons. More information about Mike’s background and his Principle Over Party campaign can be found on the campaign’s website,





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Mike understands that at this dark hour we must all dare to dream big. Let’s get behind the people’s candidate, elect Mike McCabe and chase Scott Walker out of the governor’s office. Mike will shake up Wisconsin with an agenda of good government and progressive reform.

Thank you and all best wishes,


Tim Canova

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Mike McCabe is the People's Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin