Interview with Mike McCabe

Special episode! Adam and Stephen grab a beer with gubernatorial candidate MIKE MCCABE! Adam, Stephen and Mike talk about money in politics, farm life, marijuana legalization, health care, universal income, and lots more.

Listen to the interview at SoundCloud Beers and Ballots...

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  • Robert Fliss
    commented 2018-04-17 08:00:41 -0500
    Nearly 40 minutes, but in spite of bar noise in the background a useful access to Mike. It avails a more in depth review of Many of Mike’s positions: regarding the trap other candidates following establishment big money rules are in, advised to fund raise 5 hours per day, while Mike chooses to GRASS ROOTS ORGANIZE 12 TO 14 HOURS/DAY; marijuana/prison/educational debt; details of how Badgercare as a public option would work; and, background on why he thinks a universal income experiment should be undertaken by Wisconsin in the coming automation revolution to the job market (no other candidate will even touch this idea). People still work then, but do so to supplement some basic income and retain more middle class spending power in the economy. Easier to hear the interview than if you were actually at a table in a bar. Worthwhile, drink what you like. You can also inch back on comments you didn’t quite hear, or note where in the interview there is a segment you want to be able to go back to. Sound sandwiches, rather than sound bites.

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