WI Choice Gubernatorial Forum

Mike McCabe is longtime government watchdog, grassroots activist and author who is running for Governor of Wisconsin.

Come and see for yourself how Mike compares to other gubernatorial candidates.  Hear his passion and feel his authenticity.  Learn about his bold and exciting vision for Wisconsin.

Mike may be the only candidate who can debate Walker and come out on top.   He has the charisma, stage presence, political knowledge, integrity and empathy that's needed to WIN in November.

Already a supporter?  Come early to hold signs or bring a friend or two who may still be undecided.  Let them see why many of Mike's supporters have referred to him as a “once in a lifetime” candidate.

The campaign has been given 10 tickets to the Forum.  In order to be fair in the distribution of these tickets and to provide the opportunity for undecided voters to hear Mike's message, here's how you can be one of the lucky recipients:
The first 5 volunteers to reply to doug@governorbluejeans.com with a commitment to bring an undecided voter who is open to considering voting for Mike will get a pair of tickets. (One ticket for the volunteer and one for the undecided voter.)  In order to be eligible, volunteers will need to have a commitment from the undecided voter that they will attend, and respond no later than  4 PM on Monday, July 9th.  
Mike McCabe is the People's Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin