Bernie Sanders in Janesville

Mike McCabe is longtime government watchdog, grassroots activist and author who is running for Governor of Wisconsin.

This is going to be YUGE! On Saturday, Bernie Sanders will be in Eau Claire to campaign for Tammy Baldwin before traveling to Janesville for a rally with Randy Bryce. We need every McCabe supporter available to show up at both locations to work the crowd and get Bernie's attention in hopes he will endorse Mike.

Please join us! We need folks to come and hold signs, pass out flyers, and gather signatures on our petition for Bernie to endorse McCabe. We also need lots of people taking pictures of our efforts and posting them to social media.

The Janesville rally begins at 4:15 pm but we need McCabe supporters to gather early at A&W Restaurant. We will have maps highlighting the locations we need people to hold signs at. There will also be campaign tshirts, campaign flyers, petition forms and clipboards. It should be lots of fun so please join us!

Mike McCabe is the People's Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin