Meet and Greet in Eau Claire

Mike McCabe is longtime government watchdog, grassroots activist and author who is running for Governor of Wisconsin.

Come and meet gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe, hear his inspiring vision for improving our state and ask him questions about the issues that matter to you.

A lot of people compare how they got excited about Mike to how they got excited about Bernie. You can hear about his decades of leadership in fighting the influence of money in politics. You can look at pictures of Mike engaged as a grassroots activist. But to really get excited about Mike as a candidate, you really need to hear the passion in his voice, see the sincerity in his facial expressions and feel his conviction when he looks you in the eye.

How is Mike different from the rest of the candidates? Come see for yourself! Are you trying to get your friends, family and neighbors to back Mike? Bring them along! The time for action is now so we can all win in November!

Mike McCabe is the People's Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin