March for Mike in Madison's St Patrick Day Parade

Mike McCabe is longtime government watchdog, grassroots activist and author who is running for Governor of Wisconsin.

UPDATES: We're meeting at 11 AM at The Rigby, 119 E. Main Street for a pre-parade warm-up/regional meeting. We'll prep for the parade, plus Campaign Manager Christine Welcher will join us as we discuss important upcoming events and campaign strategies n the weeks ahead. If you're unable to attend the 11 AM meeting, please be at The Rigby by 12:15 as we'll gather to depart for the parade staging area.

Attention all Mike Supporters who want to join us in Madison on St. Paddy's Day! Get your McIrish on, we need all hands on deck for this event.

Put on your Blue Jeans and McCabe t-shirts.....we're marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade for Mike McCabe! Mike has another commitment that day, so he won't be with us in person, but he'll be there in spirit (and in image). The parade is always well attended and is a unique opportunity to show what People Power can do. To pull this off and look like the formidable force of enthusiastic supporters we are, we need a a LOT of volunteers to turnout for this event! 

We'll put on a grand display with our finest INTERACTIVE People Powered Billboards designed and choreographed for MAXIMUM crowd response (CHEER if you like...... money out of politics, CLAP if you like....... Badgercare for all), we'll blast some McCabe "brand-relevant" tunes, plus we'll have McCanvassers working the crowd handing out literature and grabbing signatures. Oh, and we'll have a couple of Leprechauns tossing out candy from their "Pots 'O Gold".

We're hoping to have at least 50 marchers and another 8 canvassers. More is even better. Staging for the parade starts at 12:30 PM on March 17th, so we'll meet up at Noon at a downtown location TBD. (NOTE: We are also tentatively planning on an Irish Coffee friendly Pre-Parade McPrimer starting at 11 AM at a downtown Madison location. Stay tuned for more details! If you want a McCabe t- shirt, we'll have McCabewear for sale ($15,) COME OUT and PITCH IN to help Mike become the next governor of Wisconsin!

Mike McCabe is the People's Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin